World-renowned Educator, Speaker, Coach, Author, and Licensed Social Worker

Malcolm with almost 30 years of personal growth and development experience. He is the CEO & Founder of The True You™, which is a training and development company that helps individuals and teams exceed their goals and tap into their true selves and transform their lives and companies. This is done through private coaching, engaging workshops, group training, and more. His vision is that as more people bring their true selves forward and live their passions, more can be achieved and people will live fulfilled lives and contribute to society. He also founded The True YOUniversity™, which is a unique learning experience designed to help individuals discover and embrace their authentic selves. The goal is to provide a safe and supportive environment where people can learn, grow, and connect with others who share similar experiences. He also provides free services for individuals around racial identity and provides scholarships for people to become graduates of The True YOUniversity™.

Growing up, Malcolm struggled with being comfortable in his own skin. He struggled for many years to find his place in the world and his passion. After many years of “being a chameleon,” he realized that his struggles were related to his challenges with his racial identity and being shunned by different racial groups. Through self-discovery, he realized that it is ok to live his life based on who he truly is instead of looking to have society dictate who he should be. This revelation freed him up to channel his energy into things that mattered to him. He believes that there are incredible opportunities available for individuals as they delve deep into their own journeys to connect with their true selves and bring their talents and passions forward.

Malcolm released his first book, “True Transformation: From Living in the Shadows to Letting Your Light Shine,” which helps readers identify their shadows and learn and utilize tools to not only find their inner strength but have their true selves shine through. His podcast, “The True You Podcast”, can be heard on audio platforms nationwide.

DEBx 6 Speaker Malcolm Smith
CEO of The True You, talks about being the TRUE You.